4 hours guided experience around Lucha Libre in Mexico City

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Alexis Sánchez is a local guide in Mexico City who organizes tours to Lucha Libre shows in CDMX for mexican wrestling.

Hey there!

I’m Alexis Sánchez2009 “Ángel Fernández” award by the Mexican Federation of Sports Writers. I am passionate about Lucha Libre. I manage a Facebook community named “Mascara contra Mascara” where we present an historical perspective for the best approach to the national Wrestling of our days.

What you'll do?

We will make a short welcome at Taquería El Caifán in the heart of Mexico’s City Historic Downtown. You will know a history sprint from Salvador Lutteroth to El Místico. This is a quick review from the first days of this sport in our country to nowdays.

Taquería El Caifan in the square of Juarez Avenue and Balderas Street in Mexico City's historic downtown.
Taco al Pastor in Taqueria El Caifan

Tacos and beer time!

After that we will meet in Taquería El Caifán, you’re going to taste a couple of Tacos al Pastor before depart to the Arena.

There you’re going to get a free national beer (or a non alcoholic drink) and you’re going to get a free mexican wrestler mask as a souvenir. This is the time when all the history, context, rules and the line-up of matches for the night is reviewed.

Lucha Libre Time!

Finally we are going to get Metrobus to the Arena Mexico (fridays and sundays) or Arena Coliseo (saturdays) to presence a Lucha Libre show in great seats in the ringside zone.

Live the local experience. This is how mexican fans get to the Arena. The cost of the trip is on me.

Hidalgo Station of the Metrobus System, public transportation in Mexico City.



Arena Mexico, the cathedral of Lucha Libre in the world.

Arena México is the Cathedral of Lucha Libre in the world. This is like Madison Square Garden for Basketball or Wembley for Soccer. 13,500 persons capacity. Shows every tuesday, friday and sunday.

Arena Coliseo from the top

Arena Coliseo is the venue for every Retro Saturday. Also known as The Funnel of La Lagunilla because of his shape and size. Capacity: 5,500 persons.

Group of people outside Arena Coliseo attending a Lucha Mexico Experience tour to mexican wrestling show.

2 hours Lucha Libre show!

After 2 hours of amazing show of Lucha Libre in the best spots of the country, at the end of the show, I will give you recommendations of places to keep visiting in order to enjoy more of Mexican Lucha Libre experience in the city. 

Also I can assist you if you want to get souvenirs outside the Arena. 

Since I want you to have a safe way back to your next spot, I will point a safe spot to get an Uber at the end of the show.

We can end the experience there or I can leave you back to Downtown at Tacos El Caifan for free when we the experience is held in Arena Mexico. The free ride back would be in Metrobus.

Experience Includes


For a 2 hours Lucha Libre show in great seats on the ring side zone.


1 national beer or non alcoholic breverage at the taco place.


2 tacos al pastor for tasting the most popular taco in Mexico City or 1 squash blossom quesadilla as veggie option.


1 free ride in Metrobus System (public transportation) from Taco Place to the Arena of Lucha Libre.

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Customer reviews

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