Arena Coliseo from the top

Lucha Libre in Arena Coliseo

Arena Coliseo also known as The Lagunilla Funnel, it’s a Lucha Libre venue with a capacity of 5,500 persons founded in 1943. It’s located in Calle de Perú 77 in the neighborhood of La Lagunilla, a few steps away from Centro Histórico (Historic Downtown).

This is the second venue in importance in Mexico City just after Arena Mexico. Both venues, Arena Mexico and Coliseo are owned by Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (Worldwide Wrestling Council), the top company of mexican wrestling in our country.


Compared to Arena Mexico this venue has no technology at all. This is the place where mexicans like to attend a Lucha Libre show. Less touristy and more classic-oriented.

Also the seats are cheaper here than Arena Mexico. And there a huge chance to be closer to the ring for less money.

When there are shows of mexican wrestling in Arena Coliseo?

Every saturday, Arena Coliseo host a two hours show starting 19:30 pm.

Is it safe to go to Arena Coliseo in Mexico City?

You can always be safe to attend a Lucha Libre show in Mexico City. Wether you want to attend Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo. My best recommendation is to go with a local guide, or just get directly in Uber, DiDi, Beat, or any transportation option.

At the end of the show, avoid taking an Uber or any ride just in front of the main entrance of Arena Coliseo, in the street of Republica de Peru. The best way is to go to the corner of Republica de Peru and Republica de Chile and ask for it through Chile Street. It will get you out of the place faster.

WARNING with the taxis that are waiting on that corner. Compared to other regular taxis, they will charge you more. Always on airports, concerts or massive events, taxis will charge you extra. Private movility companies can be cheaper and safer.

How much tickets for Lucha Libre costs?

Arena Coliseo have affordable prices that goes from $300 to $50 mexican pesos, that’s about $15 to $2.50 USD. If you buy the tickets online in the Ticketmaster’s website, beyond this prices you will need to pay extra fees.

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