Lucha Libre in Arena Mexico

Arena México is for Lucha Libre the most important venue in the world. It’s like Wembley for Soccer or Madison Square Garden for basketball. It is known as the cathedral of Lucha Libre.

Located on the edges of Mexico City’s Downtown, in the middle of the Doctores neighborhood, Arena Mexico is the epicenter of one of the most popular cultural expressions in our country. It’s capacity for 13,500 attendees, make this place -that is only used for wrestling-, one of the places you need to visit at least once in a lifetime.

When there are shows of Lucha Libre in Arena Mexico?

Arena Mexico hosts shows every Tuesdays 19:30 hrs; Friday 20:30 hrs; and Sunday 17:00 hrs. Outside the venue you will find a huge market where you can buy masks, shirts, capes, stickers, magnets and a bunch of merchandise and Lucha Libre swag.

My recommendation if you want to visit the market is to come early, like 45 to 30 minutes before the show, so you can make a walk. Bring small change (coins, and 20, 50 and 100 pesos bills). The main entrance for the ringside area is trough Dr. Lavista Street. If you buy tickets for yourself in higher levels like Balcony, Preferente and other cheaper areas, the entrance is located in Dr. Lucio Street.

How can I bought the tickets to go on my own?

You can buy it online in ticketmaster’s website with a couple of fees, one of service and another to the way of delivery. You can order them on Will-call to have them printed; TicketFast so you can print them yourself (you need to buy them before the previous 48 hrs); or get the digital tickets, this includes a QR code that is scanned at the entrance.

Lucha Mexico Experience

If you book a tour with us, we will get in through the main entrance. Before that, we will make a short walk through the market. In the Lobby, there is an impressive mural that explains the history of Lucha Libre from our prehispanic era to the modern years. We will make a stop over there too before selecting our seats and be on time for starting the show.

A couple of blocks from Arena Mexico is Cuauhtemoc avenue. This road splits two popular neighborhoods: Doctores (whre the Arena is located) and Roma Norte. The Roma-Condesa corridor is a popular area where you can find nice and affordable Airbnb houses and apartments.

If you want to attend on Saturday, you need to visit Arena Coliseo.

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