Taco al pastor in Taqueria El Caifan

Taquería El Caifán: tacos and beers before the show

So, when I was thinking about all the route on the experience, decided that we need to teak a break, have a seat and start chatting about the basics of Lucha Libre while tasting a great taco and may be having a beer.

The perfect spot for that is Taquería El Caifán in the corner of Juárez avenue and Balderas street. Just in front of the Hidalgo Station Line 3 of Metrobus System.

I love this place because they have real great Tacos al Pastor, the most popular taco in Mexico City. Also they have english menus and some service staff who speaks decent english. And finally and most important, because it is a place I can trust in the quality of the food.

They have a wide open kitchen where you can see how your meal is prepared. Tortillas are made at the moment, and all the ingredientes for tacos, quesadillas, huaraches and tortas are fresh an delicious. And also is on our way to the Arena.

If you book the experience with us, we will spend up to 1 hour here. Perfect time to have a couple of tacos, may be a couple of beers and talk about context, history, rules and some basics on Lucha Libre. Also we will make a shor review on the line up of matches for the night before departure to the venue of Lucha Libre.

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