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Lucha Libre: The Mexican Wrestling Tradition

Lucha Libre, or “Free Fighting” in English, is a Mexican form of wrestling that combines colorful costumes and masks with acrobatics and grappling techniques. The wrestler’s goal is to put their opponent into a predicament where they have to give up or risk injury. This article explores the rich history of Lucha Libre, its origins in the Aztec tradition of wrestling with an elastic rope, and how it has evolved over the years.

Origins and history of Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre is a wrestling style popular in Mexico and from Mexican heritage wrestlers, that incorporates dramatic theatrical elements. It translates to “free wrestling”. The wrestlers wear masks and costumes during competition. Originally, it was developed as a way for the lower-class to play out their frustrations with society, who were forbidden from fighting in the formal system of sport. In addition, it was created so that people could easily identify who was fighting without knowing their name or identity.

How Lucha Libre is different than American wrestling

Lucha Libre is a type of wrestling that was created centuries ago in Mexico. Unlike American wrestling, it has a comedic edge to it. In Lucha Libre, the wrestlers are often wearing masks, crazy costumes, and outrageous hairstyles. The audience is typically made up of people who want to see the spectacle that is Lucha Libre.

The importance of wrestling in Mexican culture

There are many different styles of wrestling, including lucha libre. Lucha libre is a form of wrestling in which the wrestlers wear masks and have acrobatic moves. It’s a lot like American pro-wrestling, but with more acrobatics and less theatrics. Lucha libre means “free fighting,” and it’s a very popular sport among Mexicans. The importance of wrestling in Mexican culture can be seen in the numerous shrines around Mexico devoted to popular wrestlers.

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