How can I see Lucha Libre in Mexico City

How can I see Lucha Libre in Mexico City?

Lucha Libre, or professional wrestling, is a beloved pastime in Mexico City and a must-see for any visitor. Here are a few tips for how to catch a Lucha Libre match during your stay in the city:

  1. Find a venue: Lucha libre matches are held at various venues throughout Mexico City, including arenas such as Arena México and Arena Coliseo. You can check the schedules for these and other venues to find a match that fits your itinerary. Arena Mexico host events every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Arena Coliseo every Saturday.
  2. Buy tickets: Once you’ve found a match you’d like to see, you can purchase tickets at the arena box office or through a reputable ticket vendor. Ticketing services are provided by Ticketmaster Mexico. Prices vary, so be sure to check in advance.
  3. Dress the part: Lucha Libre fans are known for their colorful and elaborate costumes, so consider dressing up in your own lucha libre-inspired attire for the match. If you’re not into it, just consider comfortable wear.
  4. Arrive early: Lucha libre matches often begin on time due to TV contracts, so be sure to arrive at the arena early to catch all the action.
  5. Enjoy the show: Once the match begins, sit back and enjoy the high-flying acrobatics and over-the-top theatrics of the luchadores (wrestlers). Don’t be afraid to cheer on your favorite wrestlers and join in the fun.

Overall, attending a Lucha Libre match in Mexico City is a unique and exciting experience that should not be missed. With a little planning, you can easily add this cultural spectacle to your itinerary and have a memorable time in the city.

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